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Mando Shop - Front Door

“The Gibson House”, a craftsman style bungalow, was built in 1923.  In 2007 my wife, Marion, and I restored the Gibson house as the new home of the Mando Shop.  This is the front porch entrance as it exists today.

Mando Shop in Historic Gibson House

In 2011 I had a vision of building a new home and workshop behind the Mando Shop.  Here is The Gibson House as it was before we started building.

About Mando Shop - Construction

What started out as a small project turned into moving 33 truck loads of dirt to make room for the new the home and workshop.

About Mando Shop - Framing

The shaded area at the bottom is my workshop and the framed area is our home.

Mando Shop - Home addition

Now complete, a breezeway links The Gibson House to our home with elevator access to my workshop.  It’s truly a dream place to live and work.

Mandolin Stock

Here is a photo from one of my stock rooms.  The mandolins are cased in a humidity controlled environment.  The Mando Shop is open only by appointment which helps us to maintain the mandolins in pristine condition.


The Mando Shop is a boutique mandolin store representing TKD, Collings, Eastman, Northfield and Weber mandolins.  As an experienced luthier since the mid-1970s, I perform a high precision setup with each mandolin I sell.  I also offer tap tuning to enhance a mandolin’s sound.  It will be my pleasure to help you purchase a quality mandolin that you can enjoy for a lifetime.

Mando Shop Logo
The Mando Shop
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