Oasis Mandolin Humidifier

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Oasis Mandolin Humidifier
Oasis Mandolin Humidifier


The Oasis Mandolin Humidifier is hand-crafted in America.  Oasis® humidifiers are the best solution to the challenge of fine wooden instrument humidification.  An effective, easy-to-use humidifier is good for your instrument and far less expensive than costly repairs.

The OH-26 Mandolin Humidifier is a modified version of our OH-6 Case Humidifier.  It is shorter than the OH-6, so it can stand upright in a lower depth mandolin case.  It comes with a shorter clip than the OH-6 to fit the reduced depth of the mandolin case.  The clip also has a wider top so it can span the side of a thicker plush case.  The humidity output is reduced from that of the OH-6 because the area to be humidified is smaller.  The OH-26 holds about 1/3rd less water than the OH-6 and only takes two syringes to fill it the first time.  The OH-26 will only fit cases where there is an open area for the humidifier to fit (F style).  It will not fit a case where the body of the mandolin is completely form fitted to the case on all sides (A style).  A stainless steel strip with two sided tape and a 10 cc syringe are also included with the OH-26 Mandolin Humidifier.  Because tap and bottled water have dissolved minerals that can clog the liner, distilled water is recommended to extend the useful life of your humidifier.

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