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Mandolin Accessories

Wegen Mandolin Picks

I highly recommend Wegen handmade mandolin picks. I like the beveled edges for speed. In addition, the grip holes make them easier to hold. Above all, they sound great! Each pick produces a unique tone, therefore I recommend experimenting to find the one that works best for you.

Softy Mandolin Straps

I use a Softy leather mandolin strap. The leather is very soft and therefore very comfortable. In addition, the strap is wider over the shoulder and back so it holds well.

Laminated Chord Chart

The Laminated Chord Chart is firm, therefore it is easily propped up for easy viewing. In other words, it’s easy to use for practicing.

Mandolin Polish Cloth

Your mandolin finish is best preserved by keeping it clean, therefore using a Mandolin Polish Cloth to wipe it off before putting it away is the best care you can give it.

Mandolin Strings Upgrade

We perform a high precision setup, including a new set of D’Addario EJ74 strings, on every mandolin from the Mando Shop. In addition, you can choose D’Addario XT strings for strings with longer life.

Mandolin Pickup

If you want to plug in and play through an amp, the K&K Twin Internal mandolin pickup is a great solution. The pickup is installed on the inside of the mandolin with the 1/4 inch phone jack replacing the strap button.

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