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Weber Mandolins

Bend, Oregon. It’s a growing city of 90,000, nestled in the shadow of the snow-capped Cascade Mountains. Juniper trees line the streets, scenting the air with cedar and gin. A sense of community is evident everywhere, with nature and with people.Small, simple, beautiful homes reflect the region’s past as a logging town. Modern sculpture dots the roundabouts that direct traffic flow. It’s a place of craft breweries, live music, outdoor sports of all stripes and deep connections to the land.

The high desert climate, cool nights and sunny days, suits the lifestyle. It’s a place where driven people work hard. It’s the perfect place to build the traditional mandolin.

Weber Mandolins is proud to build in a dedicated facility on the east-side of Bend. The facility is state of the art. Weber’s six luthiers combine enthusiasm and experience to build exceptional mandolins. Committed craftsman, passionate, innovative and caring are ready to make your mandolin.

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