Northfield Mandolins at The Mando Shop

Standard Nut

Northfield F5S Mandolin 160340 Northfield F5S Mandolin 160368 Northfield F5S Mandolin 150227 Northfield F5S Mandolin 160311

Wide Nut

Northfield F5S Wide Nut Mandolin 160335 Northfield F5S Amber Wide Nut Mandolin 150272

Engelmann Spruce Top

Northfield F5S Engelmann Spruce Top Mandolin 160369

One Piece Back

Northfield F5S One Piece Back Mandolin 160371 Northfield F5S One Piece Back Mandolin 160372

Big Mon

Northfield Big Mon Mandolin 160028

Northfield "S" Series mandolins aim to be an elegantly understated version of their master model instruments, serving up their signature tone, projection and construction in an abbreviated form.  Each mandolin is made of select tone woods.  The lacquer finish on these instruments is made to be stronger than the more delicate spirit varnish, yet still be very thin as to not inhibit vibration and dampen the liveliness of the instrument.

Since 2009 The Northfield "Big Mon" F style has been popular among professionals and enthusiasts alike.  Enlarged slightly from our standard F5 style and tuned for a very responsive and rich sound, this design has been featured on many albums by premier players and toured with substantially the world over.  Inspired by the innovators and pioneers of acoustic music in the United States, the "Big Mon" design is a tribute to those intent on pushing boundaries while maintaining traditions.

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