Mandolin Reviews for The Mando Shop


You did a masterful job of dressing the frets and setting up my mandolin, making it easily and accurately playable on virtually every fret and position. Perhaps more importantly, the tap tuning you did woke up my mandolin from a deep slumber. It now has a sweet, balanced sound that truly inspires and moves me as a player, and it is a joy to look at, play, and hear. Kyle, you are truly the Mandolin Whisperer!

Stephen M. Hodges
(Tallahassee, Florida)

Hi Kyle,

I just wanted to tell you that I received my TKD mandolin today and it is phenomenal!  I love the way it looks, sounds, and plays!  I cannot put it down -- it sounds and feels so great!  I just worry that my beautiful Collings is not going to get much attention for quite awhile.  I know my TKD is only going to get better because in just a few hours, it already has!  So I wanted to thank you for the perfect transaction -- your communication and customer service is as good as it gets!  Thanks so very much again!

God's best to you!
Becky Rose
(Forest City, IA)


Your TKD is pretty much my go-to mandolin these days.  The incredible volume (when I want it), sustain (ditto), action and playability, coupled with the stunningly beautiful sound (which keeps getting better the more I play it) make it pretty much my overall favorite mandolin.

Bubba Pearson
(Manassas, VA)

Thank you Kyle, the Eastman 515 Diamond arrived last Thursday.  Its a 'keeper', plenty of volume, tone and plays excellent.  You did a great job in making the choice and setup.  I look forward to many years of enjoyment playing the Diamond.

Thanks again for all your help, stay in touch
Robert Mosley
(Sunset, LA)

Hello Kyle,

Words can't express how happy I am with my TKD Eagle.  It has been in my hands pretty much all day today and every day since we got back from Tallahassee.  Thats the advantage of being retired.  It sounds better every day.  The sound and the playability are beyond my expectations.  The look is beautiful.  It was well worth the trip to Tallahassee to meet you and your wonderful wife.  Thank you for your hospitality.  And the mandolin sold itself.  It has to be the best value out there.  You are an artist and should be very proud of what you have created.

Victor Pavone
(Seminole, FL)

Hey Kyle.

Just wanted to get back with you on the Eastman 315 with the sunburst top.  It is freaking great.  I made the correct choice getting it from you.  Thanks so much.

Jeff Morrison
(Winfield, KS)


I got to play my TKD Eagle F mandolin a while this afternoon.

Man, I thought that this would be my beater travel mandolin and I would eventually get a Collings for my good one.  However I cannot believe how well appointed this mandolin is and how resonate and responsive it is!  I can't see where you could want for much more and it's only going to open up from here.  Hanging on the wall, it talks back if your talking to someone.  The whole instrument is sympathetic!

I have had a slew of Webers, a Grady, Priceline, MKs, Kentucky's and a few others and I regretted getting rid of a few of them...not anymore.  This is my new favorite and I have only played it an afternoon.

Nice job on the setup too, good low no buzz action.

Dave Robinson
(Everson, WA)

Hello Kyle

I truly love my TKD Falcon.  The sounds is just getting better the more I spend time with it, which is a pleasant surprise since it sounded incredible when it first arrived.  Couldn't be happier with it beauty and voice, thanks so much.

Jim Pushnik
(Chico, CA)

(An email from Tim Jones of the Carolina Blue Band who played a TKD mandolin at IBMA)

Hey buddy!

It was my pleasure to play your TKD mandolin.  That was a great sounding mandolin.  Thanks for sharing the recording.  Hopefully our paths will cross again down the road.

Best wishes
Tim Jones
(Carolina Blue Band)


I got my TKD Falcon mandolin yesterday!  I'm in love with it.  I can't find the words to describe it, it's heavenly and so soft it practically plays itself and oh, the sound!!  It fills the room as if it were light.  Today I was 1 hour late for work because I just couldn't put it down.  Thank you very much!

Sofía Barbero
(Concepcion del Urugua, Argentina)

Hey Kyle,

I received the TKD mandolin today, gorgeous! & awesome sound.  Thanks so much.

Tim Brunemeyer
(Beachwood, NJ)

Hello Kyle,

The TKD Raven A mandolin arrived safe and sound.  It's beautiful, sounds and plays amazing.  The old epiphone will probably never see the light of day again.

Tony Savoie
(Orlando, FL)

Thanks for everything..Kyle

It will take several years to be worthy of this fine Northfield mandolin, but the journey will be fun.

Phil Sargent
(Palmer, AK)


Thank you so much for your help and assistance in purchasing the Collings mandolin.  My wife is ecstatic and practiced for about two hours straight when we got home last evening and then again this morning before work.  She is now so proud of the Collings and it has brightened her joy of practice and playing.

Kyle, in my opinion, your shop and business is world class.  Please let Marion know how much we appreciated her allowing us to tour your home, you did such a wonderful job on the restoration and addition; the American Institute of Architecture does not hand out awards indiscriminately.

Thanks again and thanks for my TKD, it pays and sounds great, I wish I could do it justice.

John Malinowski
(Jacksonville, FL)

Dear Kyle,

The Eastman 615 Blue mandolin is wonderful!  The photos really didn't do it justice.  And I was pleasantly surprised that the plug-in was included.  You've got my two thumbs' up!!!

Darby Dickerson
(Lubbock, TX)


The Eastman 814 mandolin arrived yesterday evening.  Everything was great.  The pictures didn’t do it justice.  Simply a beautiful mandolin.  Your set up was perfect: perfect string height, no buzz, perfect intonation.  I think it plays like a dream.  It has great projection and the oval sound hole gives a hint of that throw back, mellow voice of the vintage A style mandos.  Thanks again, hope to do more business with you in the future.

Carl Seavers
(St Peters, MO)

TKD Falcon F

Love this mando!

Chip Turner
(Orlando, FL)

Hi Kyle,

Just wanted to give you an Update on my TKD Eagle F Mandolin.  I have had it now for 1 week and The Eagle F Is AWESOME!!!  I have played it every day and the tone is Rich and Woody with the "Hollow" sound I was looking for.  It has a Nice "POP" when I need it and Plenty of Power / Volume.  Tone/Power is Balanced across ALL strings and the A and E are nice and crisp--- and it has Great Sustain, too--------- Smooth fingerboard that is easy to play on-----I Love playing this mandolin--------And it looks Great, too!

Thank you again for a Great mandolin and a very, very good set-uP on it as well.

Mike Sanders
(Midland, TX)

Got the TKD mando today.  Ummmm.......WOW!!!!

I cannot believe how great this mando is.  Aesthetically it is stunning.  The binding is amazing.  Beautiful.  Acoustically it is awesome.  Really resonates.  Not too bright.  Crazy how wonderful this mando is.  NO BS - I am having a hard time imagining what else one would want.  Which is why the recordings you sent me made me a buyer; however I was concerned that the mando I would get may not be on par with the ones pros are given.  No worries here.  Very impressed.

Thank you.

Joe Stubbs
(Savannah, GA)


I just wanted to let you know that I received the TKD Falcon F mandolin yesterday and it's a fantastic instrument in every aspect.  Thank you so much for the perfect setup and for all of your help.  If I ever run across someone looking to purchase a mandolin, I'll be sure to mention your shop in the highest regards.

Thanks again,

Keith Michael
(Waco, Texas)

Hi Kyle,

Just received the TKD Falcon at 5:20 PM today and have been playing it already.  WOW!!!  What a Great Tone and Plenty of Projection.  This is a Keeper For Sure!!!  Thank You for making Great Mandolins Available for ordinary folks.  I really Appreciate what you are doing and the Talents you have been given.

Thank you again,

Mike Sanders
(Midland, TX)

Greetings Kyle!

Thank you so much for the tap tuning and setup you did on my Eastman mandolin!  The playability and sound of the mandolin have increased tenfold!  I can’t bring myself to put it down!  I definitely will be coming to you again in the future for my next axe.

Nicholas Blanchard
(Merritt Island, FL)

Hey Kyle,

Just wanted to send you a quick note on the Weber Gallatin A.  I’ve had it almost two weeks and just love the instrument.  The sound is rich, the finish is beautiful and your set-up was superb!  Again I wanted to thank you for your advice and patience working through finding my new mandolin!  Your customer service and care is second to none so you’ve definitely created a loyal customer here – take care!

Pat Duncan
(Grand Junction, CO)

Hi Kyle,

Sorry it has taken me this long to let you know how please I am with my new TKD Falcon.  I have barely put it down since it arrived last week.  It is a fantastic instrument, both in voice and beauty.  I also want to thank you for the great buying experience, it was truly a pleasure working with you

Thank You
Jim Pushnik
(Chico, CA)

Hey Kyle;

I received the TKD Falcon mandolin today, gorgeous! & awesome sound.  Thanks so much.

Tim Brunemeyer
(Bayville, NJ)


I received the Weber yesterday and as you said, it is a beautiful instrument and it sounds great.  My grandson was here waiting on it when it arrived and he was all smiles as he played it.  Thanks for your help!!  You are very professional and a pleasure to do business with.  My grandsons will be auditioning for The Voice the 23rd of this month and if they make the first cut, you will be seeing the Weber on national TV.

Thanks again
Loyd Chism
(Winona, MS)


I just wanted to let you know that my beautiful new Northfield arrived last night. I picked it up on my way to a gig and was blown away. Thank you for everything you did to help get it into my hands.

Steve Liller
(Lantana FL)


My Weber Gallatin mandolin arrived safely today and she is beautiful.  Thank you for the excellent service and the care you took with my baby.

Iris Nance
(Columbia, SC)

Hello there Kyle,

Thanks so much for the wonderful Collings mandolin.  It arrived safe and sound yesterday afternoon.  Nice little strap too.  The set up is fantastic and it plays so beautifully.  I had a really hard time putting it down last night and getting to bed.  Thanks for the great service and the fantastic instrument.  Great chance I will be ordering additional instruments from you in the future.

Jonathan Lubeck
(Roanoke, VA)


Amazing Mandolin!  Amazing set up!  The Eastman 505 Diamond's tone and playability are superb!

Thanks again,
Thomas Weir
(Kettering, OH)


You are one class act, my friend!  WOW!  I LOVE IT!  And the case?  Bitchin' awesome!  I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that I'm a bit scared to compare the TKD to my Weber. All jiving aside, I am genuinely awed.  Thank you Kyle.  You really knocked this one out of the park.

Your humbled Pearson picker,
Bubba Pearson
(Manassas, VA)


I have been really excited to receive my mandolin.  I couldn't wait to get home today.  It was waiting at my door when I got home.

I held back my excitement and brought it inside to adjust; I opened it about 30min later.  The TKD is BEAUTIFUL.  The tweed case gives it an awesome classy retro look.  I appreciate you working with me on putting together a "starter pack".  The Wegen picks are nice; I love the snark tuner.  The leather strap and setup is even better than the accessories.  I am a new player and feel 100% confident that I have everything I need to start the mandolin addiction.  The best thing is the sound.  Even though I am a new player, I have been research mandolin's for months, watching several videos to hear the differences from other manufacturers.  I've also gone to several local shops (guitar center, Sunrise Guitars, etc.).  I was planning on purchasing an Eastman 300 or 500 series before we discussed your TKD.  The TKD has great action.&mbsp; The Eastman 300 required me to "push" harder on the fret.  The Eastman 500 I played was easier than the 300, but The TKD required little to no effort.  I think I might be spoiled as a beginner.  You were 100% right that this is a great value.  I am proud to own one of the original 6.

Thanks again,
Eric Specking
(Fayetteville, AR)


The mandolin got here safe and sound and I really like it.  Eastman makes a very nice mandolin, especially for the price.  I enjoyed doing business with you and thanks for everything!

Frank Dallriva
(Raymond, MS)

Hi Kyle,

It's been about a month since I got the JBovier you sold me and I just wanted to follow up with you.  The mandolin is absolutely beautiful.  I can't thank you enough for the awesome set up you did!  I may not be the greatest, but I've played nearly every day since the package arrived and that's definitely helped.  But I've been playing not just out of pure excitement for the instrument, but because it's so comfortable to play and the sound is just incredible.  It's obvious the difference of a professional setup.

I've done my best to let the world know (via google, facebook, twitter, assorted online mando enthusiast forums) what a fantastic luthier I think you are and how pleasant everything went during the ordering process.  I truly hope your business continues to be successful and you're still going strong when the itch to buy my first F style mando hits.

Sincerely and Warmly,

Mike Shonty
(Minnetonka, MN)

Hi Kyle,

I am very, very happy with the Collings - the sound is amazing, and it plays very easily.  Thanks for being so helpful and quick on the shipping - if I can convince anyone up here to go for a Collings, I will definitely send them your way!

Thanks again,
Abe Zettek
(Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada)

Hello Kyle,

I opened the case today and started "torturing" the mandolin right away.  I could not be happier with it.  Your set up is spot on.  It plays so easy and sounds great.  The easiness of playing (the action) was my concern and it is much better then I imagined it would be.  I have never held a better instrument.  Of course its beautiful, elegant and all that but I knew it would be.  There is no buzz and I don't have to fight it with my left like I did my old one.  Its just pleasure to play.  It was a pleasure to deal with you.

Thank you very much.
Pavel Trnka
(Minturn, CO)

Hi Kyle:

Just want to let you know that I received the Weber mandolin and it is perfect!  The set-up is fantastic.  It plays beautifully and sounds even better.

Thanks again Kyle.
Bruce Bowen
(Media, PA)

Dear Kyle,

I have the mandolin!  It sounds amazing and it is so beautiful, it's all I hoped for.  I'm sure I will enjoy to play this lovely instrument for a very long time.  The pick up works great too.  I absolutely love it.  Thanks for your service!

Kind regards from Amsterdam,
Annika IJdo
(Amsterdam, Netherlands)


I honestly can't say I'm happy with the JBovier or your set up of it.  Nope, but I can say I'm ecstatic! :) As a mandolin newbee I really thought "fighting" the instrument was part of learning to fight here, just easy chording.

Kind regards from Amsterdam,
Tim Whitehouse
(Lawrenceburg, KY)

Hi Kyle,

I got the mandolin!  Thanks very much!  You are right about how easy it is to play and it sounds fantastic.  I like the strap and the picks as well.

Best to you,
Phil Metlin
(Palm Beach, FL)


I wanted to say thanks for all your help and your professionalism.  You answered all of my questions and handled the whole process efficiently and speedily.  I also appreciate that you didn't act like a salesman and try to pressure me into a sale.  This is the first high quality instrument I have bought without playing and I am very satisfied.  I don't know many other mandolin players, but I will be recommending both you and JBovier to all players I meet in the future.

Thanks again.
Daniel Rentz
(Douglas, GA)


The people I play music with all play several instruments as do most string players.  In this group there are loars kentuckys eastmans and new F9 Gibson and 1928 F5 Gibson.  They all think my new mando from you is the best setup mando they have ever played.  Thank you for all your help and hooking me up with a great instrument.

Terry Sourbeer
(Drumore, PA)

Hi Kyle,

I must say your service is top shelf.  I can see my decision to purchase from The Mando Shop was the right one.  If I bond with the music of the mandolin I’ll be back in about a year for an upgrade, I like multiple instruments.  Thanks again for your service.

Tim Glenn
(Clinton, MS)

Hey Kyle,

I received the mandolin on Thursday and I love it.  I haven't had much time to play yet but I can already tell a huge difference between it and my old one.  Thank you very much for all your help and advise.  I couldn't be happier with the mandolin and your excellent customer service.  Thanks again and when its time to upgrade again I know I will be a returning customer.

Steve Dreyer
(Seymour, TX)

Hey Kyle,

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know I love the mando.  Been playing it every day.  The look is great, tone is warm and it plays so well.  Thanks so much!!!

Scott McMahon
(Boulder, CO)

Hi Kyle,

Writing just to tell you that its been a while since I got my Mandolin and I am so much happier playing a quality instrument.  My musician friends all commented on how the tone is so much better than my previous instrument.  Thanks for the work that you put into it.

Christopher Spiteri

Hey, Kyle,

I received my Collings MT and I absolutely love it!  It's probably the prettiest sunburst I've ever seen.  I love the way it is set up-- sweet and clean, and plays like butter, as they say.  So again, thank you, Kyle for helping me to purchase the mandolin that is my perfect fit.  I couldn't be happier!

Becky Rose
(Forest City, IA)


It is with great appreciation that I write to let you know how much I appreciate the mandolin you sold me.  The care you took to get the action and intonation just right made this mandolin a professional level instrument I could count on to sound great and play with comfort.  I am thrilled with it in every way and also appreciate the well placed strap pin you mounted on it.  I can't thank you enough!  My compliments to you for your fine work and professionalism.

Dan Brooks
(Moreno Valley, CA)


Thanks for the quick turnaround on the Eastman mandolin.  I can't wait to get my hands on it.  It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Mark Scheibel
(Mount Holly Springs, PA)


I am more than happy!  The mandolin looks beautiful, even better than in your pictures.  Fit and finish appear to be a notch above what I expected.  It plays and sounds wonderful.  You nailed it on picking the right tone for me.  All in all, I am extremely pleased with my whole experience in dealing with The Mando Shop.  Your professionalism and helpful nature made this a great way to buy a new mandolin.  Thanks for all your help.

Michael Bridges
(Canton, GA)


I received the mandolin today at work.  She is beautiful!  It feels great, set up beautifully.  Thanks for all your help!

Jim Lewis
(Roswell, GA)

Thank you, Kyle, for a very nice experience in your shop today buying my new mandolin.  Your setup is perfect.  I really love it.  Best of luck to you.

Ron Houser
(Panama City, FL)

Mandolin arrived in great shape.  It plays easy and sounds great.  Liz called it the greatest Birthday present ever and we have been married for over 25 years!!!!

Thanks again,
John Francis
(Fuquay Varina, NC)

Hi Kyle,

First of all, I want to thank you for all your help.  I got the mandolin yesterday and loved it from the first minute.  You did an excellent job on the setup and I am incredibly satisfied.

Thanks once again.
Niklas Hermansson
(Mansfield, OH)

Hi Kyle.

Just wanted to let you know that my blonde MT2 arrived today.  Wow.  I mean, WOW.  But then you already know that!  :)  Many thanks for a great mando.  The set-up is the best I've ever felt on a Collings.

Warm regards,
John Meyers
(Rangeley, ME)

Hi Kyle.

The Gallatin landed today.  It's beautiful to look at, it sounds great, and it plays like butter, as the kids say.  Quite a step up from my Kentucky KM250.  Thanks for doing such a good job with it.

Thanks again,
Steve McIntyre
(Oak Park, IL)


The Eastman 404 arrived .. it is a beauty.  Nicely set up too .. !

Very pleased .. many thanks,
James Girsch
(Waterloo IA)


I've been playing the Collings MF since Thursday, it plays like a dream. I really like the setup.

Best regards,
Mark Thomas
(Houston, TX)

Hi, Kyle,

Just want to let you know that i got the Weber Gallatin F mandolin today.  Looks excellent, plays awesome, outstanding setup.

Russ Maguad
(Folsom, CA)


I got the mando Friday morning, THANK YOU!!!  It's set up perfectly and sounds and plays great.

Thanks again,
Dave Weiss
(Sutton, AK)


Set up is perfect and the instrument is quality.

Thank you!
Deryl Dennis
(Dallas, GA)


Your set up is smack daddy on the money. It's the best setup out of the case mando I've ordered yet. Thanks very much for the great service. If you need a quote for your website please don't hesitate to ask.

Michael Wong
(Orlando, FL)


The mandolin arrived safe and sound Wednesday! I couldn't be happier- you're right, it is an awesome instrument! Your set-up on it was perfect too. Thanks for putting a treasure in my hands- again, you will be highly recommended to all friends and associates.

Best regards,
Mark Williams
(Winston-Salem, NC)

Hey Kyle,

I've been meaning to contact you to tell you how much I'm enjoying my mandolin! You're setup was perfect (is still) and the mando is really a killer being extremely easy to play. Anyways, just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your service! Thanks, Kyle!!!

Rob Fowler
(Arcata, CA)

Hello Kyle,

This is a very nice mandolin. By the way, the setup on the mandolin is excellent.

Best wishes,
Phil Ferreira
(Kutztown, PA)


All of the glowing recommendations and positive comments on your web site are for real (that's why I contacted you in the first place)! I am very happy with this mandolin. You have managed to exceed my expectations!! Thanks again for your excellent customer service.

Greg McDowell
(Rocky Point, NC)

hey kyle,

i received the mandolin monday as expected and love it. it is the step up i was looking for in all assets. i cant complain about anything with this mandolin. great tone and volume, crisp and warm for lead and very balanced. a nice chop for rhythm with the right amount of bark. the vintage satin is beautiful and the neck feels great. i did not have to adapt, felt comfortable right away. action is perfect. the case is great and holds the jbovier like it was custom fitted. the strap button is very convenient and the softy strap is super comfortable. i appreciate everything you have done to make this happen and cant thank you enough!

thanks again, kyle.
Newburgh, N.Y.


Thought you'd like to see that one of your instruments is contributing to world peace. Jaron sends his best.

Peace Corp Mando
Thanks. Bink
(Tallahassee, FL)

Hello Kyle

The mandolin arrived two hours ago! I intended to report it to you immediately. However, I decided to try to play it in before. Because It make too fantastic sounds, I have continued playing the mandolin which you sent for two hours. Your setup is perfect. It set up to play easy very much. I am satisfied very much. I am a very happy feeling now. I thank you very much. If you think so, you are the first American friend for me.

Atsushi Sumita
(Toyoake-shi Aichi-ken, Japan)

Here is a post David M. left on the mandolin cafe: Just returned from a business trip to Tallahassee, FL where I had the pleasure of meeting Kyle Dunn from The Mando Shop. I live in Central FL and there are no mandolin shops of any merit. One of my instruments never seemed to play right, it always felt "tight" on the E and A courses. I contacted Kyle and met him around 5:00 - What a treat! His shop is beautiful as is his character. After examining my mandolin he diagnosed the problem (nut) and fixed it quickly. It now plays "like butter."

David M.
(White Springs, FL)

Dear Kyle;

I am glad that my search brought me to your shop. When you look on the internet, you never know who you are dealing with. You repaid my faith in you many times over, and I'm sure we will do business in the future. As you said, set up can mean many different things, but yours means real playability. Thanks again, and I'll talk to you soon.

Tom Vest
(St Louis, MO)

Kyle, thank you.

I was glad to find the Mando Shop site. As a guitar player, I was concerned I was going to have problems playing a mandolin, but the setup made all the difference. Your set up was perfect. Kyle, the customer service at the Mando Shop is A1. Thanks!

All the best. Kind regards,
Sean Parker
(Sydney, Australia)


Got the Wegen picks! The Golden Gate picks with rounded tip (that I drilled with holes) I found at the local guitar shop just weren't cutting it. What a difference!

Kevin Carpenter
(Auburn, AL)


Love it love it love it. Thanks for the great set up and great service. I look forward to giving you a good review on mandolin forum - and looking you up when I'm ready to try the fiddle.

Ryan Nice
(Collegeville, PA)

Hi Kyle,

My new mandolin arrived last night. The tone is great and I love the playability and action. Your setup is perfect. I think I am now a Wegen pick convert. That pick gets so much more volume without losing the deeper tone I'm after. The Softy strap is so comfortable. Thanks so much for your expert guidance and care in helping me find the right mandolin.

Ken Collier
(Flagstaff, AZ)

Kyle -

The mandolin arrived safe and sound today and it is absolutely beautiful. I only strummed it a few times (I'm at the office) and she seems to be in tune, and perfectly setup. This is the best mandolin I've ever played and I had a great buying experience.

Thanks so much,
Larry Swim
(Denver, CO)

Hi Kyle,

I received the mandolin last night and it plays absolutely beautifully. thanks so much for everything!

Jason Tsichlis
(Winchester, MA)


The mandolin setup is great! The instrument plays like there aren't string on it -- it's so smooth and easy.

Thanks bunches!
Sheryl McDonald
(Cartersville, GA)

Here is a post Jim left on the mandolin cafe: As a newbie I borrowed a mandolin to try it out. Then late one evening at I stumbled onto and Kyle Dunn. I purchased a mandolin from him and the experience from the first contact to now has been the best. Kyle is a professional at every level, from his responsiveness to his patience with my most elementary questions. He did everything he promised and more. I highly recommend Kyle to anyone at any level! Even though I am new to the mandolin, I understand customer service and so does Kyle!

Jim "Happy" Mullen
(Charlotte, NC)

Hello there, Kyle,

Just wanted to send you a quick email. I purchased my Jbovier from you not so long ago - A5 that is. This is a great mandolin! I am still enjoying your great setup...thanks! Anyway, hope that many many customers are finding out how great The Mando Shop is!!!

Richard Russell
(Salem, OH)

Dear Kyle,

Wow! I guess Collings has figured out how to achieve perfection. It doesn't seem to matter that this MT2 is fresh off the shop floor. It delivers such a rich, mature, penetrating tone that I have to keep playing it to make sure I'm not dreaming. Just as amazing are the clarity and sparkle dotting the tonal backdrop. I know Collings uses nice materials and has the cutting and construction processes down. I get it. But still, they're getting incredible results. This instrument sings. I couldn't be happier. Thanks again for the great service.

Richard Defendorf
(North Salem, NY)

Hi Kyle,

It is a wonderful mandolin. I love playing it, when I can wrestle it away from my teen age son. He is an "Eastman convert" so you have another customer here. We're both really happy! Thanks for the great advice, setup and service.

Abby Cohen
(Bonney Lake, WA)


Thanks for setting up my mandolin. I played my mandolin for 4 hours today, 2 at school and 2 at home. It sounds great. The setup has improved the sound of my mandolin so much that my family noticed. I look forward to performing with my mandolin more now that it sounds good to my ear.

Brandon Flynn
(Ocala, FL)

Hi Kyle,

I really like the feel and fit of the new frets. It feels like these were the frets that should have been on the mandolin from the factory. I'm hearing more tone from slides and hammer-ons and pull-offs that I was unable to produce with the stock setup. You've done an excellent job!

Tommy D
(Tallahassee, FL)


The mandolin has arrived and it's awesome!!!!!! Thank you so much for all that you done to help me with this.

Roy Crowder
(Green Cove Springs, FL)


Thanks for your help with the mandolin that I purchased from you. Your information and opinions were dead on the mark. The mando is wonderful and your set up is great!

Thanks again.
Eddie Blevins
(Blountville, TN)

I've been playing it for an hour and I absolutely adore it! It's indescribable! Thank you so much for all your help, use me as a referral if you like.

Dinah Becker
(Chatham, IL)

Hello Kyle,

Happy customers! Mary's mando arrived today and you just don't know how it made me feel to see how happy she was with the instrument. Within an hour and a half she was playing all the songs her band plays and really getting the hang of it. I think that I was just as excited to be able to give it to her as she was to receive it. She really loves it and it sounds wonderful! Nice job and thanks for all your help and for everything.

Mike Flowe
(Kenosha, WI)

Hi Kyle,

Just a word to say that the Weber mandolin safely arrived yesterday. As you mentioned, it really looks--and sounds--wonderful. The craftsmanship and the crystal-quality of the sound are quite awesome. So, thank you very much for your help.

Nicolas Debon
(Saint-Denis, France)


I just wanted to thank you for the 1-on-1 time you spent with me helping me pick out my mandolin. The personal service I received was well worth the drive and the selection in your shop is incredible. I love the JBovier I purchased from you. It looks and sounds great and I've even noticed an improvement in my playing. Of course this may be because I haven't put it down since I brought it home. Your the best!

Thanks again,
Mike Seley
(Williston, FL)

Hey Kyle,

I just got home from work and received my new mando. The set-up and sound is out of this makes me think that I was playing an old washtub before I played this! It's the sound and customer satisfaction I have been after since the beginning and you have delivered on both ends.

Thanks Buddy,
Eric Moore
(Attleboro, MA)

Kyle, mando is beautiful!!!!!!!!

No signs of any issues do to cold or shipping. Better looking in person than on the web! It sounds sweet, very true up the neck and plays easily at first try. Sounds more mature than I expected and it's build quality is better than my playing for sure. I am not a pro but your set up appears at first touch to be right on as far as ease of play. I am glad I trusted your lead on this. Your guidance is appreciated and again many thanks.

Lon DeCavallas
(Loudonville, NY)


My beautiful JBovier made it safely through the snowstorm, and I want you to know that I love it. The finish is gorgeous and the tone is exactly what I hoped it would be. Thank you also for the good taste in picking out the darker strap to complement the total look. I'll be showing it off at many festivals and camps this year and I'll be sure to tell people about you.

All the best,
(Brielle, NJ)


Mandolin arrived safely today. It's really great. Thanks for a fine product and world class service! I recommended you on the Mandolin Cafe site, and I think someone is already going to contact you regarding a JBovier A5.

Thanks again,
Chris Brewer
(Studio City, CA)


I LOVE my new mando. She gets played everyday and sounds amazing. What a beautiful instrument. I hope you had fun with her, and I'll try to bring you my other mando if you think you can fix her up. Thanks so much for everything!

Su Mendez
(Gainsville, FL)


Thanks for taking care of me and providing me with both great customer service and a great instrument!

Best regards,
John Green
(Cuyahoga Falls, OH)


Just wanted to let you know how I liked my Eastman 515 that you set up for me. One word PERFECT. You done a great job! I think maybe a new Weber mando may be in my future. If I get one I know now where I am going to get it. Thanks again for the work.

Tom Anderson
(Byram, MS)

Dear Kyle,

It's the best. Thank you thank you thank you!!

Stephanie Custureri
(Tequesta, FL)



(Orlando, FL)

Comment left on Mandozine mandolin forum:

You can buy mandolins in a lot of places but if you want one on one communication with a shop that delivers great service, prompt set up and shipping and matches internet prices to boot, then you need to get a hold of this guy named Kyle over at He listened to what I was looking for, ordered it and even took pictures of my mandolin before shipping to ensure it looked like what was seen in catalogs/images online. He set it up for me too before sending it. Nice.

Dan Benson
(Hitchcock, TX)


Thanks for your quick and friendly service. And I like a guy's attitude when he says he's proud of his work. In the end all we have is pride in what we've done.

Take care,
Jim Pistarelli
(Wayne, ME)


I received the mandolin yesterday. Thanks much for the help and the great setup.


David Light
(Poquoson, VA)

Hi Kyle,

Thank you so much! That's amazing you were able to get my new mandolin to me so quickly. I found out about you on a mandolin cafe message board. My daughter plays the viola so if she needs anything, you'll be the first person I call.

Thanks again Kyle,
Jim Ramser
(Warrenton, VA)


I wanted to thank you for your excellent service and remarkable workmanship you did on my Ratliff. Most of all I want to thank you for showing me the Weber Bitterroot. This mandolin is beyond anything I could imagine. The sound is phenomenal and the workmanship is exquisite. It is a pleasure doing business with the Mando Shop, and well worth the 3 hour drive from Pensacola to Tallahassee.

Freddie Thronson
(Pensacola, FL)


Received the Eastman mandolin today. It is beautiful, sounds great to me, plays nicely. In short I am a happy mandolin player. My fingers actually hurt a bit tonight since I've been playing most of the evening. Thanks for the great service!

Bruce Scott
(Sterling, CO)


I thought you might like to hear that, after three weeks of consistent playing, I've decided this mandolin is the bargain of the century. The more it's played the better it gets, and it started out great. I could not be more pleased. You did a hell of a job of setting up what was obviously an excellent instrument to work with. I expect to have many years of enjoyment from this beautiful mando.

Thanks for all your help,
Brian Brown
(Royse City, TX)

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