Weber Fern A Mandolin
Serial no. 16312801

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Weber Fern A Mandolin
Serial no. 16312801

Mandolin setup by luthier Kyle Dunn
Hand Crafted in the USA
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Fern A Mandolin Specifications

This Weber Fern mandolin, serial no. 16312801, is Weber's most prestigious traditional mandolin crafted from their finest tonewoods.  It delivers unparalleled chop, sustain, and volume in any setting, from jam sessions to the recording studio.  The Fern A mandolin marries heart-stopping tone with the look, feel and construction of an heirloom instrument (the oil varnish finish alone takes months to apply).

The AAA grade flame maple on this Weber Fern, serial no. 16312801, mandolin has a tight cell structure with varied grain and horizontal banding or flame.  It gives great crisp projection with punchy volume and tone that continues to mature with age.

The F-holes on this Weber Fern mandolin, serial no. 16312801, give great focused projection, which equals volume.  They are great for stage work and for being heard above other instruments in a band.

This Weber Fern mandolin, serial no. 16312801, has tone bars, two braces running from the head block, somewhat following the angle of the sound holes to the tail block.  Tone bars offer a great bell-like sustain.  They take longer to mature than an X-braced instrument but develop incredible depth of character and tone with play.

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