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Standard Nut

Weber Gallatin A O Faded Leather Mandolin 17320702 Weber Gallatin A Fern Burst Mandolin 16313302 Weber Gallatin F Antique Walnut Mandolin 16516005 Weber Gallatin F Desert Dawn Mandolin 15506404 Weber Bitterroot F Fern Burst Mandolin 17526101 Weber Bitterroot F Buckskin Mandolin 14488207 Weber Freedom F O Blond Mandolin 12432702 Weber Yellowstone A HT Mandolin 15299003 Weber Diamondback A Mandolin 15310709 Weber Diamondback F Mandolin 17521404 Weber Rawhide A Abalone Torch Inlay Mandolin 15301907 Weber Vintage A Mandolin 15309810 Weber Fern A Mandolin 16312801 Weber Red River A O Mandolin 15306007 Weber Red River F Mandolin 15504910

Wide Nut

Weber Gallatin A Faded Leather Wide Nut Mandolin 16315204 Weber Bitterroot A O Buckskin Wide Nut Mandolin 17311703 Weber Bitterroot F Buckskin Wide Nut Mandolin 14496011 Weber Bitterroot F O Fern Burst Mandolin 14462310 Weber Yellowstone A HT Wide Nut Mandolin 14303312 Weber Yellowstone F HT Wide Nut Mandolin 16516107

A team of experienced luthiers providing you with one of the best hand-built mandolins in the world!

Weber Gallatin Mandolin: Stunning natural looks highlight the Gallatin mandolin. Beloved by musicians of all varieties for its punch, clarity and playability, the Gallatin mandolin is an innovative instrument with traditional integrity. The Gallatin F, Weber's entry-level mandolin, is hand-carved with the same attention to detail as our highest-end instruments, and the natural finish only adds to the unique, organic look of this 100% made-in-America mandolin.

Weber Bitterroot Mandolin: The Bitterroot F mandolin is an exquisite traditional, minimalist mandolin and if you want a custom mandolin, the Bitterroot is the place to start. (The Bitterroot is the model most often customized by Weber aficionados.) Whether you customize or order as is, simply bring your talent and enjoyment of music to any setting, and let the Bitterroot do the heavy lifting. Players love the silky satin finish and the ivory binding that give this mandolin distinctive visual appeal. Combine the playability of the radius fingerboard, the bluegrass muscle of the tone-bar braced, aged Sitka top, along with the elegant traditional aesthetic, and you get one of the best, most affordable and customizable workhorse mandolins on the planet.

Weber Black Ice Mandolin: The Black Ice mandolin is visually and sonically breathtaking...dark and bold inside and out. The rich exterior of the Black Ice mandolin features a double-stained back and a black top with ivoroid binding for dramatic accentuation. The maple body and neck join with the spruce top to deliver bold sound with strong, clear and rich tone.

Weber Yellowstone HT Mandolin: The Yellowstone HT mandolin is fantastic for any style, in any forum from your family's living room to a hard-scrabble roadhouse. This exquisite, gloss workhorse mandolin delivers every feature available and offers the rich, full sound of our tone-bar bracing, the Weber Traditional Bridge, and the playability of our comfortably radius ebony fretboard. The Yellowstone mandolin will always hold its own as a graceful bluegrass powerhouse.

Weber Diamondback Mandolin: You may recognize the Diamondback mandolin. We'll let you in on a little secret: The Diamondback is essentially our ever-popular Yellowstone with a few can't-live-without upgrades. The Diamondback mandolin offers all the tradition and power of the Yellowstone mandolin with a double-cutaway fingerboard, a red spruce top, ivory binding, gold hardware, our fern inlay, and a gorgeous distressed satin finish.

Weber Rawhide Mandolin: The Rawhide mandolin is a classic. This mandolin delivers a rich, deep sound, and a distinctive vibe with the ivory/half-herringbone purfling. The Mando Shop customized the Rawhide with a Abalone Torch inlay. It's such a great looking mandolin Kyle couldn't help but dress it us a little.

Weber Vintage Mandolin: The Custom Vintage mandolin is reminiscent of the mandolins of the early twentieth century with the tone and volume to match its exquisite vibe. The Custom Vintage is our only standard mandolin model built with an oval sound hole and modified X bracing.

Weber River Mandolin: The River mandolin features a stunning bearclaw Sitka spruce top and quilted maple body and neck. The elegant lines of the River F are accentuated by tortoise/ivory/black binding. Further adding to the visual appeal are the mother-of-pearl "river" inlay and a blue double-stained finish.

Weber Fern Mandolin: The Fern mandolin is our most prestigious traditional mandolin crafted from our finest tonewoods it delivers unparalleled chop, sustain, and volume in any setting, from jam sessions to the recording studio. The Fern mandolin marries heart-stopping tone with the look, feel and construction of an heirloom instrument (the oil varnish finish alone takes months to apply).

Weber Two-Point Mandolins: Don't let the lack of a scroll fool you. The sound chamber in Weber's Two-Point body is the largest in a symmetrical body that we make. This instrument delivers booming, window-vibrating volume, blazing chop, shimmering trebles and growling bass. Any of the above models can be ordered in a Two-Point body.

Weber Three-Point Mandolins: Designed for the non-traditional player, the Three-Point body style offers players a bold new shape that has everything but the scroll. Similar in sound profile to the Two-Point body, with the addition of a traditional F-Style peghead and bottom point. Any of the above models can be ordered in a Two-Point body.

Weber Mandola, Octave and Mandocello Mandolins: Any of the above models can be ordered in as an Mandola, Octave or Mandocello Mandolin. Want to go big, you can go big with Weber!

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